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Enter the amount of ETH you wish to invest and check the resulting amount of AKM coins you get

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Note: Only contributions of 10 ETH and more are subject to GOLD INSURANCE POLICY.

Note: DO NOT send ETH from an exchange. Use MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist or Parity wallets or other compatible wallets. See the full list of compatible wallets here.

Note: Please, make sure you set the Gas Limit not less than 250600. If you are new to Ethereum transactions, please, see how to participate Ethereum token sale.

Your Ethereum address to invest

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Your wallet should already contain the AKM coins. You would typically need to add AKM as a custom token with your own description for it to be displayed correctly. For example, in MyEtherWallet, click on Add Custom Token then enter:

  • Address: 0x1dFf419E268Da24005f32a2D53250b260530E173
  • Symbol: AKM
  • Decimals: 8

Please email support@akminvest.com  in case of any questions.