Investment in a liquid innovative product

Quality, fast, highly profitable
solution for the Food industry
utilizing blockchain technology:
Worldwide network of smart
Bio food Restaurants


At the moment, technologies used in the production and processing of food are leading, in essence, to the depletion and destruction of the environment and all life on our planet Earth, including us humans.


We are a part of nature. By preserving and protecting nature, treating it with due care and causing it no harm or mischief, we do well and bring benefits to each and every individual.


Dedicated professionals of AKM Global have worked out a global concept of waste-free, environmentally-friendly and clean production and food processing techniques, using minimal energy resources, free of soil and air pollutants, chemical and industrial waste.


We can join together in this concept with you, the consumer, and in short time can lead to a global reversal of the negative situation prevailing in the world today in the food, water and fast food markets.


We call for unity in achieving this objective of virtue for each and every individual.

Smart bio food Restaurants have a number of undisputed advantages for the end customer. Our strategic goal is to transform the fast food industry into a Bio food industry.



In production we use only fresh ingredients from our own organic farm.
An integrated stock record system allows to execute control in automatic mode

Super price

  • Reduction of the personnel and operation costs
  • No theft, expiry of the products
  • Simplified logistics


  • Very fast service (40-180 seconds)
  • Open 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Customer proximity

Together with blockchain technology used in procurement, logistics and customer service we aim to set up a new world standard in food industry.

How “AKM Pizza” smart Restaurant works


The customer has a number of ways to order:


Option 1. Service at the table in the restaurant

The customer selects his order directly on the touchscreen display menu; payment is then carried out through a payment terminal, which is located directly next to the menu display on the table. Within ≈120 seconds the order is brought to the customer via a special delivery belt system, which is built in directly next to the tables.
Via the same system, the cutlery is returned to the fully automated dishwasher. The tables are fitted with automatic cleaning and disinfecting systems.

Option 2. Pizza to takeaway

The customer orders a freshly baked pizza via the touchscreen display (71”) directly at the vending machine. Payment is then carried out and within ≈120 seconds the pizza is prepared and packaged.
The customer can also order an uncooked pizza, which he can then bake at home or keep in the fridge/freezer.
The whole order process takes about 40 seconds.
The “AKM Pizza” smart bio food Restaurant can be set up in buildings (e.g. restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.) and in open areas (e.g. petrol stations, motor way rest stops, residential areas, markets, etc.).

Become a part of a world-changing business
Participating in AKM Crowdsale, you will not only become a part of a socially responsible business but will also be involved in a multi-trillion-dollar business.

Potential of the global food market is above 10 trillion dollars. For the account of the company proactive strategy, implementation of new technologies, unparalleled bio quality, most favourable price we will be holding a world market leader position in 10 years. The total number of company branches will overcome the mark of 300,000 in ten years time. Constant demand increase due to the growth of Restaurants network will trigger AKM value upturn. AKM coins will be tradable on the major exchanges and generate a return for their owners. Contributions are insured by real gold.


Supporting innovations in real economy sector

Own highly profitable coins

Contributions are insured by real gold



I believe that over any extended period of time Investments in productive assets will prove to be the runaway winner among other investments. More important, they will be by far the safest. These assets should have the ability in inflationary times to deliver output that will retain its purchasing-power value while requiring a minimum of new capital investment.
Warren Buffet
For us your TRUST is GOLD

We truly believe that trust is the most important asset in a business. For contributors it means first of all, the safety of their investments. Thus, our primary main task is to insure your contributions are secured and their value is growing.


With this purpose, we introduce a Gold Insurance Policy. AKM Global will allocate a portion of its profits for the purchase of the fine gold. It will be done in a transparent and fair way through the blockchain.


All contributions made during the Crowdsale with the value more than 10 ETH are insured by fine gold (999,9) in calculation of 1 gr. of fine gold per 1 ETH of investment. For example, if you invested 15 ETH during the Crowdsale, you will get a Certificate for 15 g. of fine gold.


The Insured case covered is a world economic crisis that lasts more than 6 months. In this case, AKM coins can be exchanged for gold. It is well-known fact that during crisis the price for the gold shoots up for 300%-500%. Thus, your investment is reliably secured. Every contributor, subject to the Gold Insurance Policy, receives an Gold Insurance Certificate after the end of the Crowdsale. The Gold Insurance Certificate comes into force starting from 1st of January 2019 because the fine gold is purchased from the company own profits. Only Crowdsale participants are insured by GIP.


Crowdsale details


Coin NameAKM coin (AKM)
Сrowdsale durationAKM Crowdsale is live till 10th of May, 2018
What is AKM difference from other coins?AKM coin is backed by the product from real economy sector which is in constant demand. It is the only digital currency insured by the stocks of the real gold
Price per coin 1 ETH= 1,250 AKM
BonusesBonuses are available on a weekly basis:

  1st   week: +30% bonus
  2nd week: +25% bonus
  3rd  week: +20% bonus
  4th  week: +15% bonus
  5th  week: +10% bonus
  6th  week:     0% bonus
How to useCan be purchased, stored and sent using Ethereum wallets
Recommended allocation of AKM coins
AKM Global team recommends the following allocation of AKM coins into 3 Pools:


Pool A

The Crowdsale

Pool A represents the funds raised during the public Crowdsale. Coins will be allocated at a price of 1,250 AKM/ETH plus the bonus.
Early investment will benefit from the highest bonus, which will diminish down to 0% bonus on the 6th week after the Crowdsale start.


1250 AKM/ETH + up to 30% bonus

Pool B

Engineering/Marketing, Advisors bonuses

Bonuses totalling $280,000 will be allocated between the engineering team, developers and management. Another $85,000 will be granted to marketing and PR specialists, and $39,000 worth of coins to a consulting firm.


$404 000 worth +10% bonus

Pool C

AKM Global Foundation

This pool represents 25% of the total number of coins issued during the Crowdsale (Pool A). This part will form the AKM Global Foundation and will be allocated for marketing budget formation, partner programs, team expansion and the further development during the next 3 years.


25% over 3 years

The biggest question we want to answer in this section is about AKM trustability. We believe that it is the biggest problem in the entire cryptocurrency society and we have a confident answer for those who are willing to contribute in AKM Global project.


1.Why AKM coin is the most reliable now and in the future?

Our product combines innovations (intellectual property) and real assets. Both are considered the best investments at all times. Moreover, the project is highly profitable by itself. Besides, introduction of Gold Insurance Policy (GIP) diminishes the investors' risk to 0.


2.What will happen to AKM coin in case of world economic crisis and crash of fiat and cryptocurrencies?

We can assure with the full confidence that AKM coin will not only withstand the world economic crisis and currencies crash but will grow in 10 and more times. The reasons for this are the following:

  • AKM coin is not tied to any of fiat currencies
  • AKM coin is backed by productive assets, global raw materials base, real estate and products, which are in high demand especially in crisis times. In other words, AKM coin is backed by a highly liquid product
  • Real stocks of gold that are constantly replenished.

Owning AKM coins you should not worry about their stability and reliability during crisis times and collapses.


3. How does Gold Insurance Policy work?

All contributions made during the Crowdsale with a value more than 10 ETH will be insured by fine gold (999,9) in calculation of 1 gr. of fine gold per 1 ETH of investment. Gold bars are available in the following weights: 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 20 gram, 1 troy ounce (31,103 gram), 50 gram, 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, 1 kilogram and 12,5 kilogram. The amount of the contribution will be rounded off in order to get an integer of gold.

For example, if you invested 15,2 ETH during the Crowdsale, you will get an Insurance Certificate for 15 g. of fine gold. If you invested 22,6 ETH, you will get an Insurance Certificate for 23 g. of fine gold. If you invest 1 ETH, unfortunately, your contribution is not subject to Gold Insurance Policy but you still be winning from investment in productive assets.


4.How I can exchange my certificate for the gold?

At occurrence of the insured event, AKM coins together with the Insurance Certificate can be exchanged for a fine gold. The Insured case covered is a world economic crisis that lasts more than 6 months. In this case, AKM coins can be exchanged for gold. It is well-known fact that during crisis the price for the gold shoots up for 300%-500%. Thus, your investment is reliably secured.


5.When I will get my insurance certificate?

Every contributor subject to GI policy receives an Insurance certificate after the end of the Crowdsale. You will find more details on our official website after the Crowdsale ends.


6.When the Gold Insurance Policy comes into force?

Since the company forms a Gold Insurance Reserve from its own profits, the Insurance Certificate comes into force starting from 1st of January, 2019. Only Crowdsale participants are insured by GIP.


7.When is the start of the Crowdsale?

The Crowdsale starts on September 30th, 2017 19:00 UTC and will last till May 10th, 2018 19:00 UTC.


8.Do I have to verify my identity to participate in the Crowdsale?

No, but you need to accept terms and conditions before making a contribution. As AKM coin is a utility, everybody can participate in the Crowdsale.


9.Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

AKM coins will be sold for Ether cryptocurrency.


10.What is the bonus model you offer to contributors?

Bonuses will be allocated as per following schedule:

  1st   week: +30% bonus (1,625 AKM/ETH)
  2nd week: +25% bonus (1,562 AKM/ETH)
  3rd  week: +20% bonus (1,500 AKM/ETH)
  4th  week: +15% bonus (1,438 AKM/ETH)
  5th  week: +10% bonus (1,375 AKM/ETH)
  6th  week:     0% bonus (1,250 AKM/ETH)


11.What is the total number of AKM coins?

From the very beginning, we have decided that we will not limit people in their contributions. Our project is global, the more funds raised - the more Restaurants opened worldwide and the faster will the company grow and the AKM coin price accordingly. AKM Global team believes that un-capped Crowdsale will encourage a widespread distribution of coins, a necessary prerequisite for the reinforcement of company positions on the world food market.


12. When will I get my AKM coins?

AKM tokens will be issued immediately after the contribution is made.


13. What is the expected value of AKM coin?

The capital that has been placed into the Project during the funding and media coverage through the development of the Project will be the main form factors for the AKM coin exchange rate once it is listed at cryptocurrency exchanges after the Crowdsale. According to the calculations of our analysts, the AKM value will increase more than 300 times after the project full-scale launch (in 12-18 months).


14.What is the minimum investment?

There are no minimum investment limitations but you should remember that only investments of 10 ETH and more are insured by gold. For more information about Gold Insurance Policy read above.


15.How can I make a purchase in cryptocurrency?

Please, enter the number of ether you want to send. Check the resulting amount of your investment. Once the order is created, you will see a unique address where you need to send the ether to. You can enter the payment address and amount to your wallet. Please remember to add your wallet’s transaction fee to the indicated total.


16.Will the AKM coins be listed on exchanges?

Yes, they will be listed after the Crowdsale has completed successfully. The exact list will be provided after the Crowdsale ends.


17.Do you have a bounty program?

In our opinion a bounty program is not needed for a good product as it is not professional advertisement for the product and company. The better alternative is content marketing, International PR, SMM etc.

AKM Global was founded in 2008 in Germany (Cologne). The first idea of smart Restaurants came to the founder Rem Maer who has been researching the market to find a better alternative to very popular fast food. Having 3 years’ experience in Restaurant management, he has a deep understanding of this market, its problems and opportunities. Another goal was to minimize the cost and servicing time without compromising the quality of the product. Together with engineer and architect Waldemar Albach they have finalized the concept in all technical details.

Shortly after, AKM Global hired a consulting company to develop a strategic plan to enter the food market with the given concept. Leoni Leglert has seen a great future for this idea and offered to utilize blockchain technology to facilitate further the company development and growth.


Rem Maer
Rem Maer

Founder & CEO

Rem Maer has a deep knowledge and experience in production as his whole family is engaged in production, construction and engineering. At the age of 19 years old, he was managing a small-scale furniture production factory. At those times, there was a shortage in equipment so he had to develop and produce his own. It was when he started to design and implement innovations and realized their huge potential and role in the company’s long-term success. After transferring the furniture business to his younger brother, Rem Maer continued to work in food industry being the co-owner of the big Restaurant “Singapour” (Germany). The crisis of 2008 has pushed him to develop a new concept for the food industry that would help to win and hold a leadership position on the market. His motivation in everything he does is aimed to help people live better and be happier, to protect nature and all living beings, make the world a better place to live.

Waldemar Albach
Waldemar Albach

Head of Engineering department

Waldemar Albach is a professional having more than 35 years of experience as an Architect/Engineer. In his portfolio there are more than 350 completed projects such as institutional, industrial, recreational, health care and residential objects in Europe and Germany particularly. Waldemar Albach worked closely with PJSC Gazprom and Strabag SE.
Expert in production, engineering, business and finance, he is always on the edge of new technologies. Extensive background in planning, design, engineering, construction together with strong analytical skills give him undisputed advantage to lead any innovation engineering project. Highly organized and proficient in AutoCAD, Photoshop Professional, 3D Max.

Klaus Ritenger
Klaus Ritenger

CNC Programmer

Experienced Computer Numerical Control Programmer with a demonstrated history of working in the machinery industry. Skilled in Autodesk Inventor, Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Lathe, Mill, SolidWorks, and Commercial Piloting. Strong engineering professional with a Diploma focused in Industrial Engineereing Technician.

Igor Block
Igor Block


Master of restaurant equipment/inventory

Igor Block specializes in set up and maintenance of restaurant equipment, mechanisms and nodes to ensure smooth work of all elements. Responsible for collaboration with group of engineers in the process of equipment development and production. Igor Block participated in brainstorming/problem solving with engineering and production personnel to solve related issues.

Nick Levin
Nick Levin

Coordinator of technical service team

Nick Levin is a Certified Electrician with 20 years of commercial experience. Adept in performing electrical installations, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs and excel in analyzing and solving problems with various electrical controls and systems. Nick Levin has gained a deep knowledge in PLC, electronics, mechanics while working in Israel and Canada.

Leoni Legler
Leoni Leglert

Marketing Communication Manager

Leoni Leglert is responsible for marketing strategy implementation in order to reach presale/sale levels (B2C, investors private and public).
Leoni Leglert is in charge for definition and coordination of communication and marketing campaigns, workout and coordination of presentations, brochure, newsletters, sales files (for internal and external needs), development of design, drafting, interface with the suppliers, service providers, customers, coordination, control and project management of all related processes, budgetary follow-up.

As an international company working worldwide, we need to have a serious legal background. That’s why our decision was to contract an international law firm “Bufete Jurídico Moliner Teckenburg & Mengotti”, represented by the lawyer A. Carlota Moliner y Teckenburg and her team. The law firm has more than 20 years of experience in intellectual property law, investments, international law and judicial proceedings.


 A. Carlota Moliner y Teckenburg
A. Carlota Moliner y Teckenburg

Attorney and International Law Expert

 Ana Karín Mengotti Moliner
Ana Karín Mengotti Moliner

Expert on Compared Law

M. Arturo Mengotti
M. Arturo Mengotti

Legal Counselor and Collaborator